The High Risk of Leaving Blood Pressure Unregulated

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On: December 22, 2020

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A high blood pressure reading at the doctor’s office now and then isn’t necessarily cause for alarm. Some days our pressure may just be higher than others. It can be due to stress, physical exertion, nervousness at a doctor visit (white coat syndrome), or even if you drink a latte on the morning of your visit.

One single reading does not mean you have ongoing high blood pressure. If your readings keep coming up high that is when you need to pay attention and speak with your physician about possible ways to combat it and get your readings back to a normal healthy level.

High blood pressure may not sound like a big deal, but when left untreated what it does is this: Think about blowing up a balloon too much or overinflating your tires. That excess air stretches the rubber thinner than it should be making it weak. Over time if you over inflate too much, what happens? They may pop. The same holds true for your vein and artery walls. These small tubes run throughout your entire body and elevated pressure can affect any part of the body where your veins carry blood.

Because of this chronic hypertension (high blood pressure) can cause weakening of your circulatory system. It can ultimately lead to heart attack, heart failure, sexual dysfunction, kidney disease, vision problems including loss, and even stroke.

These are serious medical issues that can threaten your health, wellbeing, and even take your life.

The best protection you have is knowledge. Know your numbers. Get checked regularly. If they remain too high talk with your doctor. There are some lifestyle changes you can make that can help to get them down.

Lifestyle changes to help lower blood pressure include:

  1. Getting more exercise regularly and manage your weight
  2. Reduce sodium intake
  3. Drop the alcohol
  4. Eat more potassium containing foods (nuts and seeds, beans, oily fish, milk, yogurt, fruits, berries, vegetables).
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Cut back on caffeine
  7. Eat dark chocolate
  8. Get rid of the refined sugar and carbs
  9. Stop smoking

If these changes are enough to lower your readings? Great!
If not your doctor will help you find the proper blood pressure medicine to get you back on track.

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Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 22/12/2020

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