Caffeine’s Effect on Your Heart’s Health

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On: January 8, 2021

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If you are a coffee or tea drinker, or even indulge in energy drinks or sodas, you may wonder if it’s having any effect on your heart health. The fact is that caffeine does influence your circulatory system.

Caffeine affects the circulatory system in several ways:

  • If you don’t consume caffeinated drinks regularly when you do it can cause systolic blood pressure to rise as much as 10 points. Its less pronounced in regular consumers.
  • Caffeine influences enzymes found in the heart and stimulate stronger contractions.
  • It releases natural hormones in the heart knowns as norepinephrine. It produces a similar feeling to adrenaline.
  • When you drink large amounts of caffeine it can increase the amount of calcium in the cells of the heart. This can increase the pumping action of the heart muscle itself.

Caffeine affects different individuals in different ways. In some it may make your heart feel like its pounding and in others – nothing. No noticeable difference.

So far, no studies have shown long term effects or damage. Unless you have a heart condition, and your Cardiologist has asked you to avoid caffeine you are generally fine to consume it in moderate amounts.

Consuming very high doses is not recommended for anyone in any state of health. Doses of 500mg or more can lead to caffeine intoxication. Symptoms can include panic attacks, high blood pressure, stomachache due to acid, insomnia, and bowel irregularities.

In turn, you can also develop a physical dependence on it. When you quit your body will go through a withdrawal. Symptoms can include sweating, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, and feeling quite ill.

Generally, though there are no long-lasting effects from consuming caffeine. Feel free to enjoy in moderation.

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Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 08/01/2021

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