If you are dealing with varicose veins, your Vein Specialist may suggest as a treatment option that you undergo a microphlebectomy.

A micophlebectomy is a minimally invasive surgery which deals with the removal of a large or medium-sized varicose vein through tiny incisions about the size of a poke from a sharp pencil. The access points are 2-3mm and do not usually require any stitches, just a little piece of adhesive tape (butterfly stitch).

During the procedure, your vein surgeon will very carefully remove the vein from the leg through the above-mentioned incisions. There is no negative side effect from the removal of a damaged vein. The blood will reroute itself and circulation will continue more effectively than before. The leg vein bulges and discolorations will now be a thing of the past.

This is an outpatient procedure. It can be performed in an office setting safely and comfortably.

It is minimally invasive and pain from damaged removed veins disappear instantly. Discomfort from the procedure is also minimal. The visual appearance is drastically improved as well. The skin on the treated legs will feel and look smoother and be free of the previous bulges. There may be some bruising from the procedure itself which will quickly fade.

This is a quick procedure taking less than an hour. No clearance testing or lab work are required. Prior to treatment patients may have an ultrasound examination to ensure the proper function of deeper leg veins. Post-surgical downtime is negligible. There are very few limitations after the procedure. The majority of patients have remarked that they wished they had done it sooner.

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