Serenity is good for the heart – how to keep a peaceful heart in troubling times

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On: October 2, 2020

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One of the top issues right now plaguing society is stress.

Stress leads to anxiety, burn out, unwarranted anger outbursts, frustration, unhappiness, and can even lead into disease including heart disease if it is allowed to go unchecked for too long.

You might question the ability to be serene amongst this storm we all seem to be weathering but we want to reassure you that it is possible to, at the very least, lower your stress level.

Here are some heart healthy tips to keep you cool as a cucumber, come what may:

Drink more water. While that may sound odd, if you get dehydrated its harder for your body to cope, and that includes your brain and mind.

Breathe deeply. It’s just a physiological fact that when we are upset, we breathe more shallowly. So, breathe deeply and with purpose. In for a count of 4 out for a count of 4 and repeat 3 to 5 times. As needed.

Take Breaks. Everyone is so focused on being productive we often wear ourselves out. Taking breaks refreshes the body and the mind. You may find you are actually more productive in less time.

Eat Healthy. Your body needs vital nutrients so eat healthy, eat well, eat often. Think of it like stoking a fire. Toss a healthy snack/meal on the fire every 3 hours or so.

Take time to be Grateful. Being grateful for what you have will bring more abundance. It also makes you feel better about your situation in life. If gratitude is difficult for you, go volunteer at a homeless shelter or go visit your local VA hospital and brighten someone’s day. Many people really could use a kind word and it always makes you feel better to be in service to others.

Take time to yourself. Everyone needs alone time to think and just be.

Meditation has been shown to help manage stress very effectively. It can also increase patience, self-awareness, lower blood pressure, help you refocus, and reduce negative emotions.

Get Plenty of Sleep. Sleep refreshes the mind and body. Make sure to get on a regular sleep schedule and let your body take a break.

If you are feeling super stressed out and it is causing you anxiety or heart palpitations, it’s a good idea to get checked out. Visit or call us at 813-975-2800 to schedule your telehealth or in person visit and checkup.

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 02/10/2020

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