The High Price of Uncontrolled Hypertension (Blood Pressure)

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On: October 7, 2020

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They don’t call hypertension “the silent killer” for nothing.

You can have elevated blood pressure and not even realize it until its too late if you don’t keep up on monitoring during regular check up’s.

High blood pressure effects nearly 30% of Americans and is the listed cause for death for 60,000 per year.

Do you know where your blood pressure falls?

Blood pressure readings

Being aware of potential risk factors can help ensure your health down the road.

Many times, high BP can be controlled and lowered with dietary and lifestyle changes including quitting smoking, limiting alcohol, getting enough sleep, destressing your life, eating well, and adding in exercise daily. When your body still does not respond to dietary and life changes medications may be needed. There are a number of blood pressure lowering medications that help tremendously to keep your pressure where it needs to be to maintain health in the circulatory system.

While hypertension in and of itself will not kill you, complications form leaving it unregulated can. Too much pressure weakens your heart, blood vessels, and entire circulatory system. While many won’t have any symptoms, some may feel a pounding in their head or chest, lightheaded, or dizzy. You may also have tingling in your arms.

Just because you have one reading or even two that are higher than your doctor would like doesn’t mean immediately you need to be on medication. Your doctor may watch and chart to see if it goes down at the next follow up visit. Sometimes there are anomalies in the readings – you had too much caffeine or had been running around before the visit. It can be helpful to check your readings at home or even at the local drug store or supermarket where they have blood pressure kiosks for customer use.

If your readings are continuously high – make sure to take care of it. Speak with your physician or cardiologist. Uncontrolled, you are looking at the possibility of heart attack, angina, heart failure, kidney damage, sexual disfunction, peripheral artery disease, blurry vision, severe headache, nosebleed, shortness of breath, or even stroke.

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On: 07/10/2020

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