Just Not Feeling Right Following an Infection? It Could be Myocarditis

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On: October 26, 2020

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Just Not Feeling Right Following an Infection? It Could be Myocarditis

If you have been sick with a systemic infection occasionally the virus can enter the heart. Your body produces cells to fight the virus to try and heal you. These cells release chemicals which can sometimes inflame the heart muscle.  Inflammation of the heart muscle is known as myocarditis.

Viral infections that can lead to myocarditis include:

It can also be caused by fungal or parasitic infections.

Toxins and allergic reactions can also be a suspect cause:

  • Snake bites
  • Wasp stings
  • Spider bites
  • Lead exposure
  • Alcohol in excess
  • Chemotherapy and radiation treatments

If your heart becomes inflamed due to an infection what you may experience can include:

  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Heart variations: palpitations or a murmur
  • Shortness of breath
  • Faster than normal breathing
  • Even shortness of breath when lying down
  • Edema and swelling in your extremities

If you have symptoms like these, your doctor will check you for an abnormal or rapid heartbeat, fluid in your lung, or leg swelling.

Your doctor may order tests such as:

  • Blood tests to check for infection, antibodies, or cell counts
  • A chest X-ray so they can see your heart, lungs, and other chest structures
  • An electrocardiogram (EKG) to record your heart’s electrical activity
  • A heart ultrasound (echocardiogram) to make an image of your heart and its structures

In a few cases, doctors order cardiac MRI scans or heart muscle biopsies to confirm or rule out.


If you notice these symptoms, please visit a cardiologist immediately. The best cure is immediate treatment before any permanent damage can be done. If you are in the Tampa Florida area we would love to see you in one of our office locations. Please visit www.tampacardio.com or call 813-975-2800 to learn more or schedule your appointment.


*If you have been bitten by a snake, stung by a wasp or bee, or have spreading spider bite please seek immediate attention at the Emergency room first. You can then follow up with us later.





Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 26/10/2020

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