Hypertension – How High is Too High? When to Talk to Your Doctor

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On: March 22, 2021

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High blood pressure has long been known as the Silent Killer.

The reason being you can have high blood pressure for quiet some time and not know it. A constantly elevated pressure in your cardiovascular system leads to weakening of the blood vessels, arteries, and the heart muscle itself. It puts you at risk for heart disease and early death.

You cannot tell by looking at someone if they have high blood pressure and many with it feel just fine. It is important, especially as we age, to check our blood pressure regularly.

A normal healthy range for your blood pressure is right around 120/80 or slightly lower. Once you get above 120 to about 129/80 it is considered elevated and should be watched. Stage 1 hypertension ranges from 130-139/80-89 and stage 2 hypertension is 140 or higher/90 or higher. 180/120 or higher is considered a hypertensive crisis and you should call your doctor or go to the ER immediately as you are in the risk range for both heart attack and stroke.

If you are in the hypertensive crisis range and you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, back pain, numbness, weakness, difficulty speaking, or vision issues call 911 immediately.

The risks of leaving high blood pressure untreated can include heart disease, stroke, heart attack, heart failure, peripheral artery disease, aortic aneurysms, kidney disease, and vascular dementia.

If you have your blood pressure checked and it is high for the first time, just keep an eye on it. We all have stressful off days or have a day where we drank an espresso or an energy drink, and some experience what is known as “white coat syndrome” where their blood pressure goes up just being in a doctor’s office due to nerves.

If your readings are continually high you will want to talk with your doctor about possible lifestyle and diet changes. If those don’t prove to be enough there are many medications that can easily help control your pressure and give your body a much-needed break.

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Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 22/03/2021

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