Am I Having a Heart Attack – Tampa Cardio Shows You How To Tell, Quickly

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On: July 29, 2021

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Am I Having a Heart Attack – Tampa Cardio Shows You How To Tell, Quickly

Heart attacks continue to be a leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States today even above the incoming numbers for COVID. While the survival rate for heart attacks is high, it is strongest amongst those who happen to be in the company of others when their heart attack strikes. The other people have recognized the signs and were able to get them medical attention.

Heart attacks can present in different ways so recognizing the signs can mean different things in different situations and people.

Heart attacks can come on suddenly, without any apparent cause at all. You can feel fine one minute and the next just terrible. They can also build-up gradually and with such a slow onset of symptoms that many of those who have heart attacks are not aware of what is happening until it is too late.

Immediate care is essential for survival of a heart attack.

Being able to recognize these symptoms is of the utmost importance, particularly if you know you are at a heightened risk of heart attack.


  • Chest Pain – It may or may not be “painful.”  It is often be described as more of a pressure, a squeezing fullness. Or it may be actual pain.
  • Discomfort around the chest – you may have heard that in a person who is about to have a heart attack, that their left arm will go numb or tingle. While this can be true, heart attack sufferers have reported this discomfort throughout the body in areas directly surrounding the chest, such as the shoulders, back, neck and jaw, stomach, and one or both arms.
  • Shortness of breath – some people may experience fatigue, exhaustion, or shortness of breath and trouble breathing right before a heart attack. This symptom tends to be more common in women than in men and can begin appearing up to a few months before the event of a heart attack.
  • Gastrointestinal issues– (least common) some people report feeling nauseous and having problems with indigestion before a heart attack. This can include actually throwing up. This symptom can dangerous as people mistake it for heartburn and reach for the medicine cabinet instead of seeking emergency treatment.

If you are concerned that you or someone you love may be at risk for a heart attack, then contact the physicians at Tampa Cardiovascular Associates today by calling (813) 975-2800, and we’d be happy to get you on the right track towards managing your condition.

 If you believe you are having a heart attack please dial 911 or head to an ER, do not drive yourself! 

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 29/07/2021

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