Tips to Help Improve Circulation from Tampa Cardiovascular Associates

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: August 30, 2021

Ready to improve your blood flow and feel better? Good circulation is vital for optimal health. Blood circulation allows oxygen and other vital nutrients to be carried to all areas and organs of the body. It keeps your heart healthy, your brain focused, and even wounds heal faster. Circulation helps your immune system operate at

Recommendations from the American Heart Association

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On: August 20, 2021

Lifestyle has a huge effect on your health and wellbeing. This is especially true for your heart and cardiovascular health. Change isn’t as drastic or as hard as you might think. Just a few small habitual adjustments and you could alter your health now as well as into the future. Tips for a healthier heart

Treat Your Vein Issues with Tampa Cardiovascular Associates

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On: August 18, 2021

When choosing a Vein Specialist, you want the very best. Doctors who know veins as well as they latest technology and medical advancements, so you get the most comfortable care with the best results. That is why choosing the physicians at Tampa Cardiovascular Associates gives you the edge. We are not simply focused on treating

Love, Joy, Sorrow and Other Emotions Have an Effect on Heart Health

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On: August 9, 2021

How are YOU feeling? We all experience stress in our daily lives but when “stressed out” becomes your new normal its time to put your foot down and do something about it. Stress, unlike something such as genetics, is a controllable and manageable factor. Life in 2021 is a roller coaster. There is so much

What Does it Mean to Eat “Heart Healthy”? (Simplified)

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On: August 4, 2021

The cheat sheet for a healthier heart  With billions of food products on the market it is more confusing than ever to know what to eat especially if you find yourself with dietary restrictions due to a health condition. Stamps of approval are all over the place “Gluten free”, “vegan”, “low sodium”, “fat free”, but

COVID Cases are Spiking in Florida – We Offer Tele-Visits to Help Keep Your Safe in Tampa, Florida

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On: August 1, 2021

Helping Tampa, Florida Stay Healthy! COVID-19 is caused by the coronavirus specifically SARS-CoV-2. Older adults and people who have significant underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from the illness. It can be the most dangerous as a secondary illness. The