Tampa Cardio Expert Physicians Speak Up on What Heart Healthy Eating Really Means

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On: November 7, 2019

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Over the course of time what was widely accepted as the only way to eat if you wanted to protect or help repair your heart health was low cholesterol, low-fat diet. Today the answer may be more confusing and controversial. People are looking to plant-based vegan diets, going gluten-free, leaning towards low carb and even Mediterranean. But which one is right?

The Healthy Eating Advice We Give

#1 Here is the kicker

There is no one single “right” heart-healthy diet. Different people have different responses to foods. What heals one may harm another.

#2 Knock out all processed foods

Sadly in 2019 around a whopping 70% of most peoples diets consists of processed foods. A processed food is anything that has high amounts of added sugar, fructose, or high fructose corn syrup, refined or bleached grains, chemical additives, preservatives, colors, and more. They tax the human body and give very minimal nutrition. In some cases they would do you about as much good as eating the box they were packaged in.

#3 You need to enjoy the eating regimen

If you feel hungry or deprived you are setting yourself up for failure from the get-go. Find a healthy eating style that works for you and gives you results. Don’t settle for food you hate.

#4 Eat Your Vegetables

Vegetables contain all of the vitamins and nutrients we need. Without them, your body keeps looking to complete itself seeking out more and more food hoping you put the right ingredients in… this can often be why you feel hungry (after eating processed foods) shortly afterwards.

#5 Stop or slow down on eating out

Eating at home is less expensive and far healthier. When you cook you have full control over what you eat and the quality of it.

#6. Portion size

Slow down and eat mindfully. Serve meals on smaller plates. While you shouldn’t go hungry, don’t over indulge either.

Eat naturally, and eat a wide variety of foods. Every food has a different vitamin and mineral content. Drink plenty of clean water, and get fresh air, sunshine, and keep your body moving. Take walks, and frequent breaks if you sit all day at a desk.

The better you eat, the more you move, the better you will feel.
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