Just an Innocent Heart Murmur?

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On: May 6, 2019

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When your physician presses his or her stethoscope to your chest what they are doing is listening to your heart. While a number of things can be audibly detected the one we want to discuss today is the “innocent” heart murmur.

This is a sound made by the heart circulating blood through the chambers and valves as well as the blood vessels near the heart. These murmurs are deemed innocent as they are generally found in children and are harmless. They may also be called “physiologic or functional” murmurs.

These types of murmurs may appear and disappear and even repeat. When the heart rate changes drastically such as during sports or physical activity the sound may become either louder or softer, it is still not cause for concern.

Generally, no next step is needed. No medication is needed and it does not signify heart disease or even a problem. No dietary changes are needed and mostly murmurs in childhood disappear as we grow into adulthood.

If your physician hears a murmur, they may order some additional testing to verify it is innocuous. There are two types of non-innocent murmurs: 1. A diastolic murmur – the murmur occurs when the heart muscle relaxes between beats and 2. A systolic murmur – occurs when the heart muscle contracts.

As for murmurs that are not so innocent. Non-innocent heart murmurs are caused by a defect in the heart valve. It may not be able to open fully or close completely. This leads to a backwashed regurgitation of blood going backward through the valve when it should be tightly sealed.

Genetics, pregnancy, fever, anemia or even a thyroid condition known as thyrotoxicosis may cause heart murmurs to develop.

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Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 06/05/2019

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