Blood Donation – Save a Life and Boost Your Health

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On: May 1, 2019

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All around the world blood donations are used every single day to help the sick and injured regain their health.

Those who donate are appreciated more than they can ever imagine, for, without them, lives would be lost. The benefit of giving is far reaching not only for the receiver but for the one who donates. It’s a feeling of accomplishment, gifting, and truly being able to help.

What you may or may not realize is that when you donate blood it is actually good for your body.  You are doing a service to yourself as well.

The Amazing Little Known Benefits of Blood Donation

Anti-Cancer Benefits – You heard correctly, donating blood lowers your risk of cancer. Donating keeps the iron in your body at regulated levels. Reduction in iron has been linked to a lower cancer risk category.

Weight Loss – As crazy as it sounds, those who donate blood regularly are more easily able to maintain their weight. A weight reduction increases cardiovascular health and squash the chances of other health issues related to obesity. You must wait 8 weeks between donations in order to give your body a chance to replenish.

Liver & Heart Health – Excess iron may get stored in the heart and liver if you are eating an iron-rich diet. Blood donation decreases this level helping to stave off things like pancreatic damage, liver failure, liver cirrhosis, and heart rhythm abnormalities.

Stimulation of New Blood Production  When blood is lost the body will make up for it by producing new blood cells. This helps to maintain good overall health.

Can Prevent Hemochromatosis – This is a health condition which can happen when your body has excess levels of iron. It can be genetic or brought on by anemia, alcoholism, or other disorders.

5 million Americans will need a blood transfusion this year alone. Just one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives. Always consult your doctor before donating if you have any concerns. Eating a healthy diet helps your body make new cells faster and it is important to be well hydrated on the day you donate.

At Tampa Cardiovascular Associates we are proponents of blood donation so long as you are healthy enough to do so. We love our patients and want the very best for them. If you need a Cardiologist who cares give the doctors of Tampa Cardio a call to make an appointment to keep your heart health on track or help heal an existing condition. We can be reached by calling (813) 975-2800 or visiting us online at

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On: 01/05/2019

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