Hidden Signs of Heart Problems

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On: February 6, 2018

Tampa Cardio Heart ProblemsWhen you hear the term “heart problems” you might think of a heart attack. Someone grasping at their chest and falling to the floor. The truth of the matter is that you can experience symptoms that would lead a cardiologist to look further into your state of health and not even realize it yourself that it could potentially be heart-related.

Let’s take a look at the warning signs and why they could relate to your heart health.

#1 Memory Loss – If you feel more forgetful than usual and even family or friends begin to notice it could be a symptom. Restricting the blood flowing to the brain can cause injury to brain cells resulting in memory loss.

#2 Dizziness – could be caused by a heart rhythm abnormality or even a heart attack. Make note of it and if it keeps happening, get it checked out. This could signify a drop in blood pressure or reduced blood flow to the brain and should be taken seriously.

#3 Sweating with no exertion can be a sign of heart disease. If your antiperspirant won’t work, it could be a sign. Heart issues cause an over stimulated nervous system and can kick in your fight or flight response. This can make you sweat even if you are not doing anything strenuous.

#4 Pain – Not in the chest – jaw, neck, arms, elbows and even shoulder pain can point to a heart problem. This is known as referred pain. It is cause when the nerves in the directly pained area get overwhelmed and cannot handle any more.

#5 Edema – do your shoes suddenly feel tighter than usual or are visibly swollen? This may also be accompanied by suddenly gaining weight for seemingly no reason. Fluid will build up in your extremities when the blood isn’t being pumped properly.

#6 ED – The dreaded erectile dysfunction – it can be a clear sign that his cardiovascular health needs a check up. – Narrowing of the blood vessels may first present here. This may occur before any other symptom.

#7 Your workouts have lost their way – you feel less energetic and more lethargic making it difficult to hit the gym and stay in shape. – When your heart isn’t in shape it is far less effective at oxygenating your blood and physical activity becomes much more difficult.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms it is best to stay on the safe side and get checked out by your physician as soon as possible.  Though many of these symptoms can be explained in other ways it is always best to er on the side proactive prevention.

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Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 06/02/2018

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