Diabetes and Heart Disease, an Inside Look

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: August 16, 2022

diabetes and heart disease tampa cardio

Although most people are aware of the severity of heart disease and diabetes as health conditions, they may not be aware of the connection between them.

According to the American Heart Association, people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are four times more prone to experiencing cardiovascular disease than those without the condition. This is one of the reasons why the organization has classified diabetes type 2 as one of the seven most common risk factors for heart disease.

Although diabetes isn’t directly related to heart disease, the associated conditions can be caused by the condition. For instance, people with diabetes are more prone to experiencing high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It’s also known that around 30 million Americans are currently diabetic.

Even though diabetes can be treated, its effects on the body are still known to remain. Individuals with diabetes who have other conditions such as heart disease are also more prone to experiencing stroke and cardiovascular disease.

High blood pressure and diabetes are two conditions that are very common risk factors for heart disease. Individuals with diabetes are also more prone to experiencing abnormal cholesterol levels. This condition usually occurs when the body’s natural cholesterol levels are mixed with those of the “bad” cholesterol types.

High blood pressure and cholesterol levels are known to be caused by the condition known as insulin resistance. This occurs when the body doesn’t use the insulin that it produces properly. This causes glucose to build up in the blood instead of being absorbed by the body’s cells.

Although diabetes is a genetic condition, lifestyle and diet are some of the factors that can affect an individual’s chances of developing it. Being overweight or obese is known to be a contributing factor to heart disease. A poor diet also increases the risk of diabetes.

Being overweight is also known to increase the risk. Lack of physical movement can contribute to the development of these conditions. Two of the most effective ways to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes are by losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes is a relatively easy-to-treat condition that can be cured through diet and lifestyle changes. Although it can’t completely be reversed, many people with this condition can experience remission improving health and longevity.

Please contact Tampa Cardiovascular Associates today by visiting their site at www.tampacardio.com to learn how nutrition and lifestyle can address type 2 diabetes head-on, and if you are predisposed to diabetes or have insulin resistance, you can learn how to delay and possibly prevent these conditions from ever developing into the more serious conditions of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Give the office a call to schedule your appointment 813-975-2800.

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 16/08/2022

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