Broken Heart Syndrome: Yes, You Really Can Die of a Broken Heart…

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On: September 23, 2020

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If you have been lucky enough to live a life without getting your heart broken count your blessings.

While a breakup may feel bad an actual broken heart which leads to a medical condition known as Broken Heart Syndrome usually involves the death of a loved one.

For years it was considered an old wive’s tale. A couple who lived the majority of their lives together and one passes away only to have the spouse follow suit shortly after, it was said they died of a broken heart. As it turns out, it is sometimes the case medically.

Our emotions manifest in the physical. When you feel the pain of losing someone close to you it can be a very real visceral feeling in your chest as if someone was pulling on your heart strings to the point they snap.

Broken heart syndrome is a medically recognized condition which mimics the signs of a heart attack. The initial onset is usually within a few hours of experiencing an emotional shock or trauma.

The experience of broken heart syndrome – How to recognize it.

It is a unique sensation unlike anything else you have ever felt. It literally feels like your heart is breaking. Your heart muscle itself feels weak, you may have heart palpitations or flutters or even arrhythmias you are unable to control no matter how much you breathe slowly and deeply in an attempt to relax your body. Sharp pains may be experienced along with tightness in the chest and you may feel like you are going to pass out and you should sit down because passing out is a possibility. It is a very off-putting scary feeling.

You may automatically think heart attack – but there are small differences that can be distinguished through medical tests.

If you think you may be experiencing broken heart syndrome or a heart attack it is important to see your doctor or go to the ER immediately.

EKG – A heart attack and Broken Heart Syndrome do not look the same on an EKG, so it is a good tell-tale sign in either direction.

Blood Tests – If it is broken heart syndrome a blood tests will show no signs of heart damage.

Recovery Time – for Broken heart syndrome recovery time is only a few days physically, though the emotional toll can linger. A heart attack can take weeks or months to bounce back from depending on your physical state.

Is Broken Heart Syndrome Dangerous?

It has a cute name but can be life-threatening in many cases. It can lead to heart issues that are more serious such as heart failure, rhythm issues (beating slower or faster than usual), and even heart valve issues. Stress is not healthy for your heart. Highly traumatic stress events can do physical damage. With prompt medical evaluation and care those who experience broken heart syndrome can make a full recovery.

Never try and self-diagnose chest pain.
It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a legitimate heart attack and Broken Heart Syndrome.

 If you experience chest pain, please go to your local ER as soon as possible.

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Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 23/09/2020

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