Am I Having a Stroke? – Learn the Signs

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On: July 1, 2022

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The complexity of the human body is amazing. All organs work together seamlessly in order to function properly. If just one of these organs fails, it can cause the body to accumulate toxic substances. If the air pathways are not maintained, the brain and lungs will not be able to function properly, leading to unconsciousness or death.

Without adequate nutrients from food, the stomach will not be able to function properly. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies in the body, which can affect the flow of blood to other organs. The cardiovascular system is also responsible for maintaining the health of the blood.

Without proper blood circulation, the organs can’t receive the nutrients and oxygen they need to function properly. When the flow of blood is interrupted in the brain, it can prevent brain cells from receiving the nutrients and oxygen that they need. If it’s not immediately addressed, it can cause brain damage or even death.

A stroke is often seen as an acute cognitive impairment caused by coagulation and clotting within the blood vessels in the brain, it is heavily attributed to by cardiovascular issues such as:

  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • a hardening of the arteries
  • coagulation
  • heart disease

The Big 6 – Knowing these signs can save your life or that of someone you love

A stroke is a medical condition that occurs when a blood vessel gets blocked by a clot or rupture. Although it’s not always apparent, the six signs that can be seen before a stroke occur are more obvious than during a heart attack. Knowing the signs just may save your life or that of someone close to you.


Those who suffer from a stroke will most likely feel a numbness in the upper body, which includes the arms, legs, and face. This is the first sign of a transient ischemic attack, which is also referred to as a mini stroke. According to a study conducted by the University of California San Francisco, a transient ischemic attack can occur before a stroke.

Vision issues

People who have a stroke may also experience a slight dimming of their eyesight. This is usually a sign that they’re about to experience a stroke or have already had one.

Severe headache

If a headache doesn’t go away on its own, it could be a sign that a blood clot has formed in the brain. People who suffer from migraines are more prone to experiencing this as a symptom. The headache causing vomiting is also a possible sign.


Loss of balance or a feeling of dizziness or vertigo is a stroke sign. This can be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing. Dizziness can also be linked to an issue with the inner ear.


If a person feels intense dizziness and begins to faint, this is a sign that a stroke is happening. Fainting can only occur if the blood flows to the part of the brain that’s maintaining consciousness drops.


Individuals who have a stroke will also exhibit signs of confusion, difficulty comprehending others, and lack of focus. If this condition continues for too long, it can damage the brain and cause permanent mental issues. Seek medical help immediately.

Stroke Prevention

If there is even a small possibility that someone is experiencing a stroke it is vital to call for medical help immediately. The longer you wait, the more potential for permanent damage exists.

If you believe you or someone may be at risk for a stroke due to their heart conditions, Tampa Cardio can help you lower their risk.

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