A Look at Heart Catheterization

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On: November 12, 2021

tampa cardio heart catheterization

Heart Catheterization is not a first line treatment and is reserved for serious heart-based issues. It is not always a pleasant experience but when it is utilized it is medically necessary to provide proper treatment and the best possible outcome.

It is a safe procedure and virtually pain free. We have found that by fully understanding what will take place it helps our patients to relax and calm their anxiety on the day of the procedure.

The heart of the matter – What exactly is catheterization?

Heart catheterization is a non-surgical procedure performed by a cardiac specialist in order to determine if there are any issues with the heart or treat a heart problem already known to exist.

A heart catheter is a tiny flexible tube that is carefully and slowly inserted into a blood vessel and extended into the chamber of the heart. Side effects are extremely rare, and the patient most often does not feel anything even though they remain awake during the procedure.

How does a heart catheter work?

This answer is dependent on the way in which the procedure is being used and the reason for the treatment. In all cases though the steps are similar.

  • The patient is administered a mild sedative
  • An IV is inserted in the patient’s arm
  • Electrodes are placed on the patient’s chest
  • The catheter is inserted in through the artery

The following step depends on the type of catheterization. In some cases, such as a valvuloplasty, a balloon is blown up to open up the heart valve. In other cases, such as that of a heart biopsy, a small sample of heart tissue is taken for study.

There are numerous reasons why a cardiologist may perform heart catheterization, including to locate blockages in blood vessels, measure oxygen levels in the heart, and to take a sample of heart tissue. In instances where the diagnosis has already been confirmed, and treatment is needed, the patient might need a heart catheter in order to widen a narrow artery through angioplasty, repair a damaged heart valve or fix a congenital heart issue.

The Benefits

The thought of anything going into the heart can be scary. This is why some patients are hesitant when it is recommended. The truth is that the benefits greatly outweigh the risks. A heart catheter can significantly improve the quality of life in patients with heart disease, allowing them to do the things they love without experiencing painful heart-related problems.

Come See Us at Tampa Cardiovascular Associates

If you experience any heart-related symptoms that indicate heart disease may be an issue, such as severe chest pain, chest discomfort and lightheadedness, then consult with us and schedule a time to come in for diagnosis and treatment.

We have a dedicated team of cardiac care professionals who are trained in heart catheterization as well as other forms of heart disease diagnosis and treatment.

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On: 12/11/2021

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