What Does High Blood Pressure Feel Like?

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On: November 20, 2020

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What Does High Blood Pressure Feel Like?

This is a frequent question we get from patients here in the office and on telehealth visits. The answer is that it may feel different to different people depending on how high your pressures are.

It can range from not realizing anything is wrong and just feeling totally normal only realizing its elevated when you do a blood pressure reading, to feeling light headed, dizzy, having heart palpitations, or a nervous jittery coffee drinking feeling when you have taken in no stimulants at all.

It can be a feeling of anxiety and being unable to calm yourself even when nothing is happening that should cause you to feel excited or anxious.

Extreme high blood pressure can lead to severe headache, nosebleeds, confusion, exhaustion, blurry vision, breathing issues, and even blood in the urine. It puts you at risk for heart attack and stroke.

80 Million Americans have high blood pressure. That is 1 out of 3 for those age 20 and older.

Primary hypertension is what it is called when there is no known reason for your high blood pressure. This is the most common type. It is usually a result of lifestyle, environment, and aging.

Secondary Hypertension is when another medical condition causes your blood pressure to elevate. It can be caused by sleep apnea, kidney problems, thyroid issues, and adrenal insufficiency. It also may be brough on by some medications so read all warnings on new medications.

If you are found to have high blood pressure readings your doctor will likely choose to monitor you for a time before setting any kind of treatment in motion. Sometimes people get nervous in doctors offices. This is known as White Coat Syndrome and the high reading can be a fluke.

Dietary changes may be made – lower fat and salt and even eating celery daily is recommended to lower blood pressure. Exercise at least a few times per week to get your cardiovascular health going, and drink enough water to make sure you are well hydrated.

If this still doesn’t work and your readings continue to be high, medication may be recommended. Left untreated High BP can damage your heart and circulatory system, weakening it due to being over worked.

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Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 20/11/2020

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