Warning: Viral Infections May Cause Heart Damage

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On: July 1, 2020

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While a viral infection in and of itself is not likely deadly there are a few things that happen in conjunction with a virus that can tip the scales out of your favor.


Co-infection with another germ is often likely. Respiratory failure can occur when the lugs become weakened by a disease and in turn a cytokine storm is the backlash from your immune system fighting so hard to kill off the infection.


A Cytokine storm is caused when cytokine proteins which regulate bodily repair overreact.  This overreaction of inflammatory response can lead to heart valve damage and even heart failure. When this occurs patients can experience myocarditis.


Myocarditis is the inflammation of the heart muscle itself. When inflamed it makes it harder for the heart to pump and do its job. It can cause systolic heart failure.


This type of cardiac injury has been commonly seen in patients with COVID-19/The Coronavirus recently here in 2020. This of course is most prevalent in patients who have preexisting heart conditions. Aggressive support is the only answer right now. Watching blood pressure, measuring, troponins (an elevated protein found in blood during this state), treatment for heart failure, secondary infection treatment, renal function support, and respiratory treatments including ventilators.


Many have touted hydroxycloroquine as the cure all for this virus and it very well may be for the average person but if you have a heart condition please use caution. It can interact with other heart medications that are used to regulate rhythm and has potential heart related complications. It is very important for emergency personal to be aware of this and get a thorough health picture and history.


Those with heart issues have an elevated risk for complications if they do come down with COVID-19. We are still offering telehealth visits for our office here in Tampa, Florida. TO schedule please give us a call at 813-975-2800 or visit www.Tampacardio.com to learn more. We are happy to answer all of your questions as they relate directly to your personalized health condition.








Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 01/07/2020

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