Stress is Hard on Your Heart

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On: April 8, 2022

Stress and heart disease tampa cardio

Heart disease is still the nation’s number one killer.


Stress has a lot to do with that along with genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Reduce the stress and you reduce the chance of developing heart-related health issues.

Stress is a normal part of life and yet it seems to have gotten out of control in recent years. This amount of constant stress we are all under can have disastrous effects on an individual’s health.

As of 2014 approximately 33% of Americans reported feeling extreme stress. That number skyrocketed to 65% by the end of 2020. Of that 65%, 77% say that stress impacted their physical health and 73% said it affected their mental health. 48% complain of sleep issues due to stress.

Stress shows itself differently in every person. Stress can cause chest-based anxiety and breathing issues, high blood pressure, headache issues, loss of interest in sex, digestive issues, sweating, muscle tension, jitteriness, emotional swings, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, illness, disease, and lead to early death overtime if relief isn’t found.

The stress to illness correlation

While this link is still up for debate in many medical communities, we see it here in our office every day.

Key Stress Areas

FEAR – Fear is a powerful emotion and can have dire consequences. An estimated 275 million people around the world suffer from anxiety. Thanks to world events we have all been on the edge of our seats glued to the news for the past few years. Add that to daily life and you have a recipe for disaster, emotionally. Small amounts of stress are powerful motivators, but when your body gets stuck in fight or flight mode you are literally wearing yourself out.

MONEY – Money makes the world go round. It supports us, allows us a roof over our heads, and pays for the food we eat. Inflation is skyrocketing. Our dollar is dropping in value causing all of us to work harder and longer to maintain. This is very stressful. It can also add to the #1 factor above, Fear.

LIFE CHANGES – The one constant we can count on is change. If you experience a major change, it without a doubt impacts you physically and emotionally. Changes may include:

  • Decline in health
  • Switching jobs
  • Moving
  • Divorce or breakup
  • Graduating and becoming part of the workforce
  • Death of a loved one

WORK – Whether you work from home or in an office you spend a great deal of your time “at work”. They pay for your time, your talent, and your attention. It requires focus and dedication. No matter how much you may love or hate your job, it is a stress source.


Please know you are not alone. Everyone has a struggle that they are dealing with. The best way to combat stress is to love and appreciate your body and make health a priority. When you feel good physically you are far more easily able to deal with outside stress factors.

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On: 08/04/2022

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