Never Just Stop Taking Blood Pressure Medication

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On: September 23, 2019

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While it may seem tempting to quit taking your blood pressure medication, especially if it is causing you some sort of side effect that is unwanted it is not in your best interest to quit cold turkey.

Stopping any beta-blocker based blood pressure medication can cause a response but suddenly stopping propranolol may lead to withdrawal symptoms. Beta-blocker withdrawal can result in a rise in blood pressure, and in patients with heart disease, chest pain, heart attack, and even sudden death.

If you wish to stop taking your medication to control your blood pressure work with your physician. Let them monitor your blood pressure. They can down-regulate the dose over a series of weeks allowing the dosage to taper off. When you reach a level that your blood pressure remains stable with either a lower dose or finally no medication at all you are then safe to stop medicating.

It can take a while. Sometimes you will need to keep going at the lower dose until your body gets used to it. In some cases it ends up being not advisable to drop the medication completely. Blood pressure and hypertension left unregulated can be detrimental to your entire circulatory system and can be a threat to your heart and life over time.

Many of the newer blood pressure medications do not have the same risks as many of the older medications. Many adults live life just fine with a low dose of blood pressure medication with no side effects. It simply helps to keep their heart pumping in a normal rhythm and pressure which allows the entire body to work better and more efficiently.

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Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 23/09/2019

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