Interventional Cardiology in Tampa, Florida

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On: July 12, 2022

Interventional Cardiology in Tampa, Florida

Interventional Cardiology

When it comes to matters of the heart, on a physical level, treatments can seem overwhelming and even frightening. Receiving a diagnosis that requires further evaluation and treatment doesn’t need to be scary. At Tampa Cardio, we are here to walk you through everything one step at a time.

The prevalent treatment commonly utilized in cardiology is referred to as an intravascular catheter. While this procedure is invasive, it can be beneficial for the patient because of its short recovery time and minimal pain association. Because this method only requires a needle stick, there are no visible scars.

Although a general anesthetic is usually not needed during this procedure, most patients feel immediate relief. This therapy is incredibly helpful to help treat various conditions. Although it is not ideal for every patient, it can be beneficial for many.

When is Interventional Cardiology Used?

This type of therapy is commonly used to treat patients with a condition known as coronary artery disease. At Tampa Cardiology Associates, our physicians perform a thorough physical and history examination to identify the cause of the issue. If warranted they may also perform a cardiac catheterization.

This procedure helps the physician identify the exact level of disease that’s present in the patient’s coronary arteries. It also checks the function of the heart valves and the pumping action of the heart. It can also help determine if further treatment is needed.

What are the Available Treatments?

Coronary Angioplasty and Stenting

During angioplasties, a small balloon is used to create an opening in the blood vessels to allow the flow of blood to continue. A stent is then placed inside the vessel to keep it open and promote healthy blood flow. At Tampa Cardiovascular Associates, our physicians are highly experienced in performing this procedure.

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