How to Help Someone Who Is Experiencing Chest Pain

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On: July 6, 2023

How to Help Someone Who Is Experiencing Chest Pain Tampa Cardio

One of the most frightening situations one can face is experiencing unexplainable chest pain that won’t subside. This can be especially scary if you are out alone in a public place.

This is a case where we all need knowledge in order to assist one another. Knowing the steps to take if this ever happens to a loved one or even a stranger who needs help can put your mind at ease.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of cardiac events is essential for providing the best assistance possible. We will go through vital facts about chest pain experienced due to a heart attack or other medical emergency so that you will be better prepared when it comes time to act quickly and decisively.

Recognizing the Signs of a Heart Attack or Cardiac Event

Recognizing the signs of a possible heart attack or cardiac event can be a life-saving skill. Chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, and lightheadedness can all be warning signs, but there are others you shouldn’t ignore. Fatigue, nausea, or pain in the jaw or arm can also be indicators that something isn’t right. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, acting immediately is important.

ACTION: Call 911 and take note of the time you first noticed the symptoms. Try to stay calm and still while waiting for emergency medical services to arrive. In a life-or-death situation, every second counts. Stay with the person who is having issues and try your best to comfort them and keep them calm.

Quick Access to Emergency Services – Who to call, such as 9-1-1, and what services are available

Thankfully it’s not like the old days when you needed a contact book for the police, ambulance, hospital, and other phone numbers. Since the implementation of 911 emergency lines with this one simple number, you get a highly trained operator who will listen to your needs and direct your call to where it needs to go, fast.

The dispatchers may even be able to provide life-saving instructions until emergency services arrive. Other emergency services available include poison control, suicide prevention hotlines, and crisis centers.

It is essential to stay calm and clear when communicating with emergency services to ensure a speedy and accurate response. .

Creating a Safe Environment

When someone is experiencing a crisis, especially health-related, it’s vital to prioritize their safety and comfort. Creating a safe environment is the first step in this process. Start by finding a quiet space free of any hazards. Speak in a calm voice and reassure the person that help is on the way. If they’re in pain, try to ease this by positioning them in a comfortable position. Listen to them. If they give you a list of symptoms pay attention so you can relay them to the EMTs just in case they lose consciousness.

Handling an emergency can be overwhelming, but staying focused and decisive can make all the difference in keeping someone safe until medical assistance arrives. Remember, even small actions like holding their hand or simply being present can help them feel more secure and at ease.

Providing Basic First Aid Care – Steps you can take to assist them before medical help arrives

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and providing basic first aid care can help save lives. If you encounter someone who needs help, staying calm and confident in your abilities to assist them before medical help arrives is important. Assess the situation and look for any obvious injuries. If there are no life-threatening injuries, move the person to a safe location and provide comfort while waiting for help. If the situation is more serious, perform basic first aid techniques such as CPR or using a defibrillator. Always call for medical assistance as soon as possible and provide as much information as you can about the situation. Your quick thinking and knowledge of basic first aid can make all the difference.

Prevention Tips – Lessen Your Chance of Experiencing a Chest Pain Incident

Simple steps, such as quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy diet, and staying physically active, can greatly reduce the risk of chest pain. Additionally, managing stress levels, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, and getting enough sleep can also play a significant role in preventing chest pain. By taking these small but important steps, individuals can take charge of their own health and reduce their risk of experiencing chest pain in a public setting.

Be the Brave One Who Helps

These days all too often we are seeing incidents where someone in a public place needs help and rather than go over to them and offer help, people take out their phones and start filming. This is NOT helpful and can cause even more stress. If you can’t help, or won’t, please go get someone who can.

At Tampa Cardiovascular Associates of Tampa Bay, Florida it is our mission to care for your heart and cardiovascular wellness. If your primary has directed you to visit a Cardiologist for any reason or if you have been experiencing any type of chest pain or discomfort, please make an appointment with our office. to learn more or call us at 813-975-2800 to schedule.

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