Could You Be At Risk for Stroke?

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On: September 4, 2019

stroke risk tampa cardioNo one really ever considers the idea that they might sustain a stroke at some point in their lives. Yet strokes can strike at any age and happen to either gender and any race.

Strokes are one of the top causes of death in the United States. They are also a cause of long term disability. If you have ever known anyone personally who has had a stroke you have seen the devastating effects. A major stroke, and life is never the same again for you or your loved ones.

Understanding these factors will help you to understand your risk, and you can start to address any issues that are present in your life.


1. Strokes can occur at any age, but nearly three-quarters of them occur in those over 65. After the age of 55, your risk of stroke doubles.

2. Family history – A family history of stroke greatly increases your chances of having one yourself. Furthermore, if you have a personal history of stroke, you are more likely to have a recurrence.

3. Men are more likely than women to have strokes, especially at younger ages. However, women are more likely to die from strokes than men.

4. Race – Strokes most commonly occur in African Americans, American Indians, and Alaskan Natives. On the other hand, they are less common in Caucasians, Asians, and Hispanics.

5. Birth control – Although strokes are more common in men, taking birth control can increase a woman’s risk, even at young ages. This is because the hormones in birth control can result in blood clot formation, which results in a stroke when clots break off and travel to the brain.

6. Smoking – Among other complications, smoking cigarettes can cause severe damage to veins and vessel walls. This is because cigarettes narrow vessels while simultaneously increasing the volume of blood that must flow through them, greatly weakening veins over time.

7. Related conditions – Some conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, can be related to the occurrence of stroke. High blood pressure, in fact, is considered one of the biggest risk factors for stroke, and can increase a person’s likelihood of stroke by up to 4-6 times.

8. Diet – An unhealthy diet can lead to stroke, especially if hypertension or abnormal cholesterol levels are involved. Furthermore, a poor diet can lead to obesity, which is another important risk factor for stroke.

9. Obesity – Obesity can lead to a build-up of plaque in the arteries, which becomes very dangerous if this plaque ruptures and forms a blood clot. As your BMI rises, so does your risk for stroke.

10. Lack of activity – Recent studies have indicated that a lack of exercise can be just as likely to increase your likelihood of a stroke as smoking cigarettes. The more active you are, the more benefits you will see.

If you are in the Tampa area and would like to speak with a doctor about your potential risk for stroke and ways to reduce it, contact the physicians at Tampa Cardiovascular Associates by calling (813) 975-2800 today.

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 04/09/2019

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