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On: August 12, 2020

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When it comes to cholesterol or really any other topic of health information out there on the web there is a ton of good information but also a bunch of misinformation as well. Without a medical background it can be tough sometimes to sort the truth from fiction.

We wanted to take the time today to try and help with that by sorting out what’s fact and what’s myth.

Many people feel just fine so they wrongly assume that their heart is in good condition and their cholesterol must be in a normal range. The truth is you can’t actually feel high cholesterol levels. You may not realize it is happening until its already too late leading into a stroke or heart attack. That is why it is so important to do yearly checkups and blood work with your doctor.

The best advice we can give here at Tampa Cardio is to get your numbers for your blood fats and cholesterol checked. You can do this through your doctor, cardiologist, or through any local lab. For adults it is recommended to have it checked annually and if the readings come back normal that is fine. If you get a high reading, quarterly checks should be done until it is under control.

Heart attack and stroke are, for the most part, preventable.

We often see someone younger who dies of a heart attack or stroke and they were outwardly the picture of health. Its rightly confusing. The fact is that what goes on inside the body isn’t always reflected on the outside. You can have major issues and yet still look completely healthy. That is what makes these checks so vital.

Cholesterol is only one piece of the puzzle, but it is a great indicator. It has gotten a bad rap in the media, cholesterol in and of itself isn’t bad. We need cholesterol to function. It helps with hormone regulation, brain function, and for our nerves. But in the right quality and quantity.

It has to be looked at in the setting of the patient’s body along with other issues. When you have too much bad cholesterol it forms plaque and when too much plaque builds up it can rupture and that is where heart attacks and strokes come in.

If your levels are found to be too high, changes in diet are the first recommendation along with exercise and then if that doesn’t make enough of a difference, medications may be indicated. Managing high cholesterol is a collaborative effort between patient and physician.

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Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 12/08/2020

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