Blood Donation – A Win-Win. Take a Look at the Health Benefits of Blood Donation

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On: March 5, 2021

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When most of us think of donating blood we think of the receiver. Those patients in need who require blood transfusions for various operations, medical conditions, and injuries. It is a very selfless kind act to give blood. It can save lives.

There are, however, also benefits for the giver that are for whatever reason rarely touted.  Today we wanted to take a look at those and let you know that blood donation is actually a very healthy thing to do for your body as well.

Anti- Cancer Benefits – Donating blood can lessen your risk for developing cancer. This is due to the reduction of iron stores in the blood. Lower levels are linked with a lesser cancer risk.

Help Prevent Hemochromatosis – Hemochromatosis is the condition of excess iron within the body. It can be genetic or due to anemia or alcoholism as well as other diseases.

Stimulate New Blood Cell Production – The body will work to replenish blood given. It helps maintain good new healthy red blood cells.

Weight Loss – Regularly donating blood helps reduce body weight. Blood donation burns calories as your body works to restore itself. Please make sure you check with your physician prior to donating to make sure you are a good candidate as well as follow all recommendations of time limits by the blood banks. Blood donation should not be used as a form of weight loss, its just a nice secondary effect.

Your Liver and Pancreas – greatly benefit from donations of blood. New fresh blood will flood the organs helping them do their jobs of filtering toxins from your body more easily. This helps keep both organs healthy.

Some interesting Blood Donation Facts You May Not Know

5 Million Americans need blood transfusions yearly

Just one pint of blood can help save up to 3 lives

Someone needs blood every 2 seconds in the USA alone

If you donate whole blood you must wait 8 weeks between donations so as to give your body proper time to recuperate

Giving the gift of blood donations is a win win for both you the donor and the recipients.

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On: 05/03/2021

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