5 Jobs That Increase Varicose Vein Risk

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: April 27, 2016

Did you know that there are occupations that can put you at risk for acquiring varicose veins? The type of activity performed at a job can contribute to venous insufficiency. The majority of these jobs are due to standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time. Unfortunately, some of these jobs can’t change the environment, but modifications within each can be made. Here are five jobs that, over time, can put you at risk for varicose veins. 

  1. Nurse: nurses are always on their feet. Sometimes for 12 hours in a day. This amount of time standing puts a large strain on the veins that are trying to pump blood back to the heart.
  1. Office worker: anyone who works in an office is normally sitting at a desk with a computer. If their main job is to work off of that computer or answer a phone, then they are sedentary for many hours a day. By not engaging the calf muscles by walking or moving, it reduces their effectiveness in assisting the veins in pumping blood back up the legs. The valves of the veins can get weak, blood pools inside the affected veins, and varicose veins can form. Getting up every hour and walking to the water cooler or around the building would be beneficial to those who work at desks.
  1. Hair Stylist: your hairstylist might know the latest trends in fashion, but she’ll soon be sporting compression stockings due to all of the time spent standing. Gravity is always working against the veins in your legs. By standing for prolonged periods of time, her veins have to work extra hard to get blood back to the heart to become oxygenated. Modifying her schedule to take some breaks between clients or possibly sitting while cutting or blow drying your hair can help in alleviating the strain on her venous system.
  1. Truck Driver: the truck driver sits for many hours at a time. This stagnant position doesn’t assist in blood flow throughout the body. It doesn’t engage the calf muscles to pump blood and sitting still for a long period of time can actually be dangerous. It can contribute to not only varicose veins, but also blood clots in the legs. He can modify his situation by stopping every couple of hours to walk around and stretch his legs. Heels lifts on the curb will help the calf muscle expand and contract and stretch…all which helps move blood through the veins.
  1. Receptionist or Front Desk Attendant: this job is known for the long hours spent standing in one spot. Breaking the work shift into shorter time periods and taking additional breaks to sit or stretch are crucial in leg vein health.

These are just a few of the many jobs that put people at risk for developing varicose veins and other cardiovascular problems. Modifying the work environment slightly can make a huge impact on the employee’s overall health.

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Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: 27/04/2016

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