4 Reasons to Monitor Your Blood Pressure Regularly

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On: April 1, 2023

4 Reasons to Monitor Your Blood Pressure Regularly

You may have been to the doctor and gotten an abnormally high blood pressure reading. It happens, especially at the doctor’s office. It is known as “White Coat Syndrome” – a situation where medical environments can feel intimidating and make you nervous, so your blood pressure rises.

A high reading can however also be an indicator of an actual issue so it is important to monitor your pressure on your own after that. An inexpensive digital blood pressure cuff for the wrist or arm is a great investment, or you can take your blood pressure at many grocery or drug stores as well.

If your pressure continues to be elevated (Over 120/80) it’s a good idea to let your doctor know. The consequences of uncontrolled hypertension can be deadly or health-threatening, so it is important.

Reasons to Monitor Your Blood Pressure:

  1. Avoid White Coat Syndrome – If you are taking the pressure yourself at home it will be a truer reading. You won’t be stressed out and you can do it when you are relaxed.
  2. By Tracking You Gain the Advantage of Being Alerted Ahead of Time before a potential Cardiac Event. More than 350,000 American die every year from high blood pressure as a primary or contributing cause. That is 1,000 deaths every day. Home blood pressure monitoring can help you and your doctor diagnose high blood pressure earlier.
  3. Help Your Doctor Help You! Many readings over time give a far clearer picture than just spot checks at appointments far and few between. Keep a record.
  4. Know if your medications are working – If you happen to be on or trying out a blood pressure medication monitoring is vital. New medications are always a trial run. There are varied types of blood pressure medications so it is important to find one that works well for your body. If your pressure still isn’t regulated on medication call your doctor back immediately and let them know.

How to Take Your Blood Pressure at Home

  1. Sit comfortably for at least five minutes with your arm resting at heart level and palms facing up.
  2. Place the cuff on your bare arm for an accurate reading.
  3. During your blood pressure reading, there should be no talking and your arm should remain still.
  4. If your blood pressure reading is ≥ 140/90, wait a minimum of five minutes and repeat.
  5. Keep a journal and bring it to your next appointment.


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On: 01/04/2023

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