Could it be May Thurner Syndrome?

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: November 26, 2018

This little-known syndrome hasn’t gotten much press so many have still never heard of it. With the overwhelming popularity of the internet now available in nearly every home we all have access to sites like Web M.D. and other medical self-diagnostic tools. The problem is that when you enter your symptoms it often times brings

Salt’s Influence on Heart Disease

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: November 15, 2018

Are you an avid “salter”?   By that I mean, do you automatically reach for the salt during a meal before even tasting it? You would be surprised at just how many people have this habit. While salt is a naturally occurring substance that we need in our bodies, when consumed excessively, it can be

Cherries Boost Heart Health

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: November 12, 2018

It’s a sad fact that cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of both women and men in the United States of America. Poor diet and lack of exercise are at the top of the chart when it comes to causes. The answer for each person on a personal level? Move more and eat better.

Are You At Risk For Peripheral Vascular Disease?

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: November 1, 2018

Sometimes referred to as PVD, Peripheral vascular disease is a fairly common condition. It is defined as any disease occurring in the vessels outside of the brain and heart. PVD is said to affect approximately 5% of the population. Evaluation and treatment works best at its early stages. Risk Factor Assessment While some lifestyle choices

Living With a Pacemaker

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: October 29, 2018

While having a pacemaker can save your life, it can also drastically alter your lifestyle. While pacemakers were designed to assist your heartbeat in order to help control the rhythm, typically doing so in a way that is almost entirely unnoticeable by the patient, it is important to remember that a pacemaker is still just

Abnormal EKG Readings and What They Mean For You

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: October 11, 2018

An EKG (electrocardiogram) is a noninvasive test that measures your hearts electrical activity. It can read all aspects including how well the chambers are conducting energy and how fast your heart is beating. Do You Need A Doctor? – Here are the signs you should seek medical help: Seek emergency medical attention if you experience:

Ways to Monitor Your Heart Health

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: October 9, 2018

Let’s face it. There is no single health topic more vital than your heart. It is the very essence of who we are as humans. Without a healthy working heart, life becomes far more difficult and may cease to exist at all. Your heart beats and pumps blood automatically, it isn’t a function we need

Blood Clot Warning Signs – Ignore at Your Own Risk

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: October 1, 2018

When the body is injured in a way that cuts or punctures, in order to stop the bleeding a blood clot can sometimes form. Usually with no ill effects. However, there are times when they form in locations they’re not needed in. Because of this early detection is important though recognition of symptoms and signs.

Depression & Heart Disease – The Link

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: September 27, 2018

We are mind, body, and Spirit. All three must be aligned in order for true health to be our state. In the USA alone anxiety and depression affect nearly 40 million people yearly. When you feel bad, emotionally it only makes sense that eventually your body may follow suit. Depression can most certainly feel like

Your Diet’s Effect on Your Heart

Posted by: Tampa Cardio

On: September 17, 2018

Many of us don’t give all that much thought about what we eat. It’s food. We buy it because we like the way it tastes, we eat it, and that’s that. The problem is that many of the foods we enjoy the taste of do not contain the nutrients our bodies need and crave in