A Look at What Can Cause Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

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On: June 7, 2022

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What is blood pressure?

Your blood pressure is the force that moves against the walls of your arteries when your heart beats. It’s called systolic pressure. It’s higher when your heart is pumping blood. When your heart is at resting, blood pressure falls.

Your blood pressure reading uses two numbers to determine its condition. The first number is the systolic number, while the second number is the diastolic number. For instance, 120/80 is a blood pressure reading of 120.

How is high blood pressure diagnosed?

High blood pressure, which usually doesn’t cause symptoms, is the only way to check it out. Your health care provider will use a blood pressure cuff, a meter, and a stethoscope to measure it. He or she will then make a diagnosis based on the readings.

For adolescents and children, the health care provider will compare the blood pressure readings to the levels of other people of the same age, sex, and height.

What are the different types of high blood pressure?

There are two main types of high blood pressure: primary and secondary high blood pressure.

  • Primary, or essential, high blood pressure is the most common type of high blood pressure. For most people who get this kind of blood pressure, it develops over time as you get older.
  • Secondary high blood pressure is caused by another medical condition or use of certain medicines. It usually gets better after you treat that condition or stop taking the medicines that are causing it.

High blood pressure can lead to various health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. It can also cause the heart to work harder and increase the risk of getting sick.

What are the treatments for high blood pressure?

Treatments for high blood pressure include life changes and medications.


Your doctor will come up with a treatment plan that includes lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy and exercising. However, these changes can help lower your blood pressure, but they may not work. You might need to take medicine to keep your blood pressure under control.

High blood pressure can be caused by a different medical condition. Treating it or stopping it can lower blood pressure.

If you are living with high blood pressure do not allow it to continue. Ongoing elevated blood pressure can do damage to your circulatory system and should be monitored closely by your doctor or cardiologist. Visit www.tampacardio.com to learn more or schedule your appointment to get your blood pressure back under control.

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